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Our Mission & Values

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We are called to Never Stop Loving. Inspired by the Hospitality of St. John of God and rooted in Catholic teachings, Good Shepherd provides person-centred health, housing and human services.


Guided by our Faith in People, we are committed to working together to build healthy and resilient communities founded on the principle of social justice for all.


Hospitality, as inspired by St. John of God is at the heart of Good Shepherd’s mission. This means that we welcome all people with compassion, acceptance and a spirit of generosity; creating opportunities for transformation.

Hospitality embodies our Values of:

  • Responsibility
  • Availability
  • Adaptability
  • Quality
  • Dignity


Research shows that the most successful organizations are those that are able to integrate their values in everything thing that they do.

Mission@Work focuses on the Mission and Values of The Good Shepherd and determines ways that the mission and values can be clearly communicated to staff and management. Mission@Work recognizes the value that each and every worker brings to the organization and the impact that their work has on the dignity and well-being of our clients and others that we meet.

Mission@Work adds clarity to our corporate values, determines an alignment to our own personal value system and attracts and retains individuals who find personal meaning and value in their work and in their service to clients.

Mission@Work helps employees and management to identify the behaviours that are consistent with the Mission, identifies development and professional growth opportunities, evaluates performance that is consistent with the mission, and fosters decision-making and a culture based on our key values of availability, adaptability, hospitality, flexibility and dignity.

Mission and values integration have been formalized in our recruitment, interview and selection activities as well as in new employee orientation, role descriptions, performance evaluation and employee relations activities.

Mission and values integration is nothing new at Good Shepherd because it is lived each and every day by each of our staff and volunteers. The Mission@Work Program does, however, bring greater attention and awareness to the significant contribution that our employees and volunteers make to those who come to us seeking assistance, food, shelter, protection, comfort and compassion.

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