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Statement from Good Shepherd – December 9, 2021

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Housing is a human right. Living free of racism, colonialism and other forms of oppression is also a human right. Safe, affordable, sustainable housing is the foundation of health, wellness and full community engagement for all people. In this community, we are failing to advance these human rights.

Too many individuals and families are living in precarious housing situations, growing numbers are reliant on emergency shelter services, while others go without shelter at all. It is essential that we collectively raise our voices against the systemic oppressions, including racism and colonialism, that can trap people in poverty, drive them into homelessness, and reduce their lives to an endless struggle to survive. It is imperative that we prioritize and expedite investment in affordable housing with supports that meets the diverse needs of all community members.

Guided by our Mission, Good Shepherd joins many other organizations, community groups and individuals in demanding that the criminalization of advocates and people experiencing homelessness cease.

We stand in support of Black leaders and organizations in calls for action and justice.

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