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A Small Gesture Can Go a Long Way

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Our co-workers are always touched by the lives of their clients. Care, compassion and hospitality are in their collective DNA.

In the case of one senior in Good Shepherd’s Assisted Living program, “it’s almost like a love story with our staff,” says Program Manager Chris Maleta. In the five years that Gary has been in our program, he and his family have meant so much to us.”

It’s a bittersweet time for our co-workers and Gary’s family. He’s been fighting cancer, which has progressed, so he’s moving to Good Shepherd’s Emmanuel House hospice for his final journey.

“Because he is going to our hospice very soon, I asked his daughter if there was anything he wanted from our Sponsor Our Families Christmas gift program,” says Chris. “She said that her father has a large record collection and he can’t listen to them because he doesn’t have a record player. I contacted our Sponsor Our Families “angel” on Friday and by Monday his portable record player arrived in my office.”

A staff member brought it to him as an early Christmas gift and he started to cry. He was so excited and happy that he had his wife and daughter set it up right away and he started to listen to the records he loves so much.

“It can seem like a small gesture to some of us, but it meant the world to him,” says Chris.

The record player will be going with him to Emmanuel House, along with his favourite records and a new set of earphones that the Assisted Living program has bought for him.

Now, as Gary prepares to move to hospice care, he’s having a difficult time saying goodbye to Good Shepherd staff … and the feeling is mutual. Co-workers at the Assisted Living program are returning from vacation just to see him off.

From Sponsor Our Families to Assisted Living and Emmanuel House hospice, Gary’s story illustrates how Good Shepherd’s continuum of care allows people in need to experience innovative programs and services that are provided 365 days a year, without judgment, to anyone in need.

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